Our Story

Small batch, artisan crafted, and using the finest of fresh ingredients sourced from all over the world.


Lovingly baked and flavored with organic ingredients like rainforest chocolate from Ecuador, virgin coconut oil from the Philippines, and fragrant vanilla from the jungles of Madagascar, ZEST Almond Flour Baked Goods contain 80% California almonds.

For the past nine years master chef Sylvia Wyant and a handful of devoted bakers have created small batch, artisanal pastries in ZEST’s dedicated gluten free bakery nestled near the foothills of Boulder, Colorado.

A preferred supplier to Whole Foods Markets since 2013, ZEST gourmet cakes and cookies are baked from scratch then hand-packaged and immediately shipped throughout the country each and every week.

It all started nine years ago when Sylvia discovered she was gluten intolerant.  As she began to experiment with various gluten free ingredients, it was almonds that inspired her to create a line of premium baked goods with an array of beneficial attributes far beyond those of most gluten free offerings.

Today, ZEST boasts one of the healthiest nutritional profiles in baked goods anywhere — featuring our miraculously low sugar and high protein cakes and cookies handmade each day from honest-to-goodness real food.

“Whether you follow a gluten free, dairy free, Paleo or vegan diet, Zest foods are the perfect food. They are nutritious, absolutely delicious, and I recommend them to my patients.”

Amy Myers, MD | Founder & Medical Director | Austin Ultra Health