cash and carry

Want your cake sooner than later? 

Visit us at our North Boulder bakery and get super fresh ZEST at great cash and carry prices!

We are open for business Monday through Wednesday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Or by appointment. The bakery is located at 4593 Broadway at Yarmouth directly west and across the street from Amante Coffee.  Easy to find.  Plenty of parking.  Quick in and out.  


Nine Inch Cakes — $40.00 each

Seven Inch Cakes (half the size) — $25.00 each 

PaleoVegan Cookies — $9.00 per pack 

Gourmet Cake Slices — $6.00 each  

Got a birthday coming up?  A gluten free wedding?  An exceptional holiday meal?  Special orders will require at least two weeks to fulfill in most cases. To make an appointment or request a special order, please email us at: